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Environment and Sustainable Development

Knowledge and Expertise

The staff of John Fargher + Associates have appropriate knowledge and expertise to meet the environment and sustainable development needs of donor agencies and private sector clients. Dr Nicole Motteux has undergraduate qualifications in Social Science (BSocSc Hons, 1995) and a PhD in participatory environmental management methodologies (PhD, 2002). Her doctoral thesis was researched with very poor communities in the Kat River Catchment of Ciskei in Eastern Cape – adapting international good practices (especially Participatory Rural Appraisal – Robert Chambers was one of the supervisors of the thesis) – to participatory planning practices under the new National Water Law in South Africa. As such she made a tangible contribution to the transformation in South Africa after apartheid.

Nicole has expertise in engagement of people for environment and sustainable development – from Ministers (e.g. catchment planning with Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Vietnam), to senior government staff (e.g. regional development staff in Australia, South Africa, Tanzania and Vietnam) and community members (e.g. participants in community planning in Armenia, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zimbabwe). She applies rigorous research methodologies with empathetic engagement techniques that enable women, men and youth to actively contribute to change processes.

Demonstrated Experience
Dr Nicole Motteux has worked in the field of environment and sustainable development for 18 years. Her work was founded in 1996 to 2002 in all aspects of integrated water resource management - from national policy and river basin management to community development, participatory water resource planning to empower communities to become stronger actors in the management of resources. Nicole has research and field experience in the practical application and adaptation of participatory planning techniques to resource planning activities in many cross-cultural contexts. This includes project work in South Africa (1994-2001), Australia (2002-2003), Armenia (2002), Tanzania (2003) and Vietnam (2004/2007).

Nicole has experience working across disciplines and bringing diverse groups together to negotiate and resolve conflicts. Nicole has skills in capacity building and creating opportunities for poor people, including women and children, to shape their lives and participate in environmental project activities. For example, in South Africa Nicole participatory environmental work resulted in the breaking down the former irrigations boards and forming a democratic Water User Associations with stakeholders of varying education, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. In Australia, Nicole work resolved conflicts among water users (e.g. European, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Australian) and the State Government to agree to work together for sustainable water allocation outcomes.

In Vietnam, Nicole promoted eco-tourism (USAEP, Vietnam), environmental education programs (WRC), public awareness program (WRC, South Africa) to foster enhance community awareness of environmental issues. To complement these activities, Nicole actively communicates with governments and donors of the local communities' environmental issues to increase Governments/donors understanding of local socio-economic, cultural and environmental issues. Bridging the communication gap between local communities and Governments/Donors resulted in streamlining areas of need, delivering AID efficiently and effectively and providing guidance to policy development (e.g., establishment of Catchment Fora and Water Users Association in South Africa).

At a policy level Nicole worked with the ADB's Water for All Program at regional and national levels (2004) and have particular experience in identifying the trade-offs needed to make water allocation decisions in Vietnam (2004/ 2007), Australia (2002-2003) and South Africa (1998-2001).

Nicole's inputs for USAEP and CARE International demonstrated that she could adapt skills to varying tasks and sectors, including natural disaster mitigation and preparation, WATSAN, clean air, sustainable tourism, hazardous waste and water resource management. Nicole work responded to the global climate challenge. For example, in Vietnam Nicole work with USAEP developed relationships with Government partners, Banks, NGOs, local NGOs, donors and private businesses in Vietnam to improve vehicle and fuel standards. The improved fuel and vehicle standard was a step towards addressing climate change problems and health risks of vulnerable people. In addition, the project set a road map for Vietnam to seek to improve and review their fuel and vehicle standards for meaningful and lasting emissions reductions.

Nicole has worked in all phases of the investment cycle for activities on environmental and sustainable projects and address capacity building and empowerment needs. Nicole's coordination of the WRC project (2001-2002), US-AEP Program in Vietnam during 2004 and 2005 and CARE in Vietnam (2006-2007) work demonstrated her expertise in multi-disciplinary team coordination, practical management of project implementation, and program management including delegation of tasks, day-to-day management, reporting, preparing annual work plans. Since 2001, all projects designed or implemented made use M&E for a range of different donors. In Vietnam, Nicole made use of the national M&E system, including defining indicators, developing logframes and evaluation frameworks, selecting appropriate tools for data collection and reporting lessons learned.

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