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Social Development

Knowledge and Expertise

The staff of John Fargher + Associates have appropriate knowledge and expertise to meet the social development needs of donor clients and the private sector. Dr Nicole Motteux has undergraduate qualifications in Social Science (BSocSc Hons, 1995) and a PhD in participatory environmental management methodologies (PhD, 2002). Her doctoral thesis was researched with very poor communities in the Kat River Catchment of Ciskei in Eastern Cape – adapting international good practices (especially Participatory Rural Appraisal – Robert Chambers was one of the supervisors of the thesis) – to participatory planning practices under the new National Water Law in South Africa. As such she made a tangible contribution to the transformation in South Africa after apartheid.

Nicole has expertise in engagement of people for social development – from Ministers (e.g. catchment planning with Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Vietnam), to senior government staff (e.g. regional development staff in Australia, South Africa, Tanzania and Vietnam) and community members (e.g. participants in community planning in Armenia, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zimbabwe). She applies rigorous research methodologies with empathetic engagement techniques that enable women, men and youth to actively contribute to change processes.

Demonstrated Experience

Dr Nicole Motteux has more than 18 years’ experience in social development within the context of water resources, air quality and management, hazardous waste management, sustainable tourism and responsible care in the chemical industry, Avian Influenza and natural disasters for vulnerable people focused on improved and responsive Government systems to achieve the millennium development goals.

Nicole actively works with stakeholders to embrace systematic change that incorporates social development and sustainable economic growth. Efforts incorporate international and local exchange visits, research, workshops and discussions groups. For example, in 2006, Nicole designed and managed a USAEP project to understand the water demand, water allocation and the economics of water resources. The work comprised of international working group of high level officials, research study in the Nhue-Day River Basin, workshops and technical assistance. In addition, Nicole worked closely with the decision-makers in the Department of Water Resource Management (DWRM) under Ministry of Natural Resources (MoNRE) to incorporate community-based approach to water conservation that combined education and water quality monitoring for youth in Vietnam. In addition, she supported the development of the bilateral relationship between South Africa and Vietnam on water resource management.

Nicole has experience working with people (from impoverished rural people to wealth educated landowners) to plan and establish sound mechanisms and community institutions to support governance and social development. For example, Nicole (1999 to 2002) work in a contentious area of South Africa provided the Government confidence to transform the irrigation boards into representative Water User Associations. Nicole's work resulted in the Governments' ability to respond to local people water resource needs and meet the basic human daily quota to water. In addition, the democratic WUA fostered improved social and economic development opportunities amongst small landowners and large landowners' through enhanced cooperation and their water allocation vote. Nicole's work throughout this water resources project incorporated cross cutting issues (e.g. HIV/AIDS awareness program into her work).

Nicole is experienced working with institutions and people to tailor projects to specific and multiple-hazards that communities face to safeguard human lives and economic investments. Nicole's work considers the local institutions, peoples' disaster management capabilities and government systems to prepare, mitigate and respond to disasters. For example, Nicole's AI project design work for CARE in Vietnam focused on vulnerable populations in the continuing outbreaks of avian influenza and the challenges of communes, districts and provincials Governments to respond, prepare and mitigate the harmful effects of AI through improved access to information and services.

Nicole is experienced in working with National Policy to foster social and economic development through improved regulations. For example, Nicole work with Ministry of Transport in 2005 with USAEP strengthened the fuel and vehicle standard to EURO2. The foundation of this work increased awareness among Government in Vietnam of the links between fuel standards, air quality and human health, especially the vulnerable people. This work built on USAEP's work to phase-out leaded gasoline that reduced lead exposure for millions of city dwellers particularly the poor and young that live locals to congested roads. Nicole work supported the development of a roadmap with Government of Vietnam and Industry to even cleaner standards of fuel quality.

Nicole works with multiple stakeholders to improve management, governance and accountability. For example, Nicole's work with the USAEP's Responsible CARE project in Vietnam brought together Government, Industry and the Environment to draft a Responsible Care application to complement international good practice in the global market place and support efforts to join the World Trade Organization. The work built closer links between chemical industry parties in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and efforts to ensure safe work place, community liaison, transport safety and environmental management.

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