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Cross Cultural Engagement

John, Keith and Nicole work effectively across cultures and communicate complex concepts to non-specialist audiences.  They have worked in cross-cultural environments throughout their careers and have developed confidence and competence in engaging with partners and counterparts in many different cultures and development contexts.  John has long-term experience in African, Confucian, Islamic and Melanesian cultures as well as short-term experience in Polynesian cultures.  Keith has long-term experience in Melanesia and South America as well as short term experience in southern Africa, the Middle East and SE Asia.  Nicole has long-term experience in African and Confucian cultures as well as short-term experience in eastern European and Islamic cultures.  They have gained the trust of staff at national ministry (e.g. Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs in PNG and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Vietnam); provincial agency (e.g. Department of Planning and Investment in Quang Ngai Province) and community levels (e.g. design and evaluation participants in more than 15 countries).  These relationships span the climate change, education, governance, health, justice, rural development, transport and urban infrastructure sectors.  Most of John’s assignments since 1995 have been as Team Leader, but he equally works well as a team member, responding to other leaders.  Nicole has led field teams and also worked as a member of design, implementation and monitoring teams – with both national and international colleagues.
The developing country experience of John, Keith and Nicole ranges from village and household level (e.g. designing and implementing monitoring surveys in China, South Africa, Tanzania or Vietnam) through national level (
e.g. capacity development for national statistical organisations in Vietnam) to regional and programmatic levels (e.g. designing CARE programs in the Mekong Delta and SE Vietnam, developing the Caribbean performance framework or evaluation of the Global Environment Facility).  John, Keith and Nicole have planned and implemented field work, facilitated change and mentored counterparts in provincial and national agencies and co-managed activities with Ministry counterparts in conflict-affected areas (e.g. Aceh, Iraq, Papua, Mauritania, Zimbabwe); fragile states (e.g. PNG, Timor-Leste, Zimbabwe) and the poorest areas of middle-income countries (e.g. Eastern Cape of South Africa, Nusa Tenggara Timur and Papua Barat in Indonesia and Tay Nguyen in Vietnam).  As qualified scientists with specialist training on social survey and evaluation methodology, John, Keith and Nicole are comfortable working in remote field locations and used to working with counterparts to prepare the logistics and planning required to mobilise, implement, report and finalise development activities.