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Current projects being implemented by John Fargher and Associates Pty Limited:

2012-2014 Latin America & Caribbean
AusAID Monitoring and Evaluation Help Desk (115 days).
Provide a specialist help desk to support program managers delivery quality monitoring practice through mentoring, a help desk, training and coaching across the entire portfolio of Australian Aid in Latin America and the Caribbean.

2012-2014 Vanuatu
AusAID Evaluation Capacity Building Program (200 days).
Provide the country facilitator and specialist performance management practitioner to support program managers delivery quality monitoring practice through mentoring, a help desk, training and coaching across the entire portfolio of Australian Aid in Vanuatu.

2013 Kenya, Ghana, Burkina Faso
Performance assessment and design specialist (36 days).
Provide analytical and design quality support to a CSIRO team designing the second phase of the African Food Security Initiative. Facilitated workshops and supported structure and implementation of field work to enhance quality at entry and focus on adoption to meet Australian aid objectives.

2013 PNG
Performance monitoring of Strongim Gavman Program 2011-2012 (12 days).
Delivered a synthesised monitoring report and two case studies (finance sector and customs) from a review of 18 months of progress reports for Australian whole-of-government support to PNG to.

2012-2013 Indonesia
Design Facilitator – Higher Education Sector Design, Indonesia (25 days).
Provide a design facilitator supporting AusAID, Government of Indonesia and World Bank team prepare the program design document for financing under the Australia Indonesia Partnership.

2012-2013 Global
Performance management facilitator (25 days).
Provide help desk support to Whole-of-Government Branch in AusAID to prepare 2011/12 Annual Review of Aid Effectiveness and a set of universal standards for delivery of official development assistance by Australian government agencies, and contribute to the quality assurance of design for the Government Partnerships for Development facility.

Past projects implemented by John Fargher and Associates Pty Limited or its staff:

2012 Caribbean
Team Leader, mid-term evaluation of AusAID Caribbean portfolio (32 days).
John led the planning, field work and data analysis/reporting for the evaluation of three portfolio pillars: climate change/disaster management, economic governance and people-to-people linkages.

2012 Cambodia
Performance management specialist, EVAW design (18 days).
Provided specialist inputs to produce the Performance Assessment Framework and detailed design of monitoring systems and evaluation for a new AusAID initiative to support ending violence against women.

2012 PNG
Peer review – PNG Health Sector (4 days).
Provided quality assessment standard review for the design of a Program of Health and HIV Research Capacity Development for PNG.

2012 Lao
Peer review – Lao Rural Development Sector (3 days).
Provided quality assessment standard review for the design of a Rural Development and Social Protection Initiative for Laos.

2012 Global
Team Leader – Community and Social Development in Mining concept (14 days).
John led the team to develop a concept and early design elements for a Community and Social Development Program under the AusAID Mining for Development Initiative in consultation with industry and NGOs. AusAID decided not to complete the design.

2012 Indonesia
Design Facilitator – Climate Change Sector Design, Indonesia (15 days).
John supported the AusAID team to prepare program design documents for financing under the Indonesia Australia Forest Carbon Partnership.

2012 Vietnam
Performance management facilitator (12 days).
John supported AusAID program managers to prepare QAI reports for 15 initiatives in Vietnam.

2012 Pacific
Technical Advisory Group for Australian Sports Outreach Program in the Pacific (15 days).
Provided Australian Sports Commission with a team leader of 5-person TAG to oversee planning and implementation of evaluation and research activities for the ASOP Pacific program.

2011-2012 Caribbean
Strategic performance management – AusAID Caribbean portfolio (35 days).
John supported the AusAID Caribbean post and desk with strategic management advice on design and use of monitoring and evaluation to strengthen performance and inform AusAID QPR processes.

2011 PNG
Peer review of PNG Strongim Gavman Program Evaluation plan (4 days).
John provided technical advice and peer review of proposed evaluation plan for Strongim Gavman Program in PNG.

2011-2012 Timor-Leste
Performance management specialist – Technical Advisory Group for Seeds of Life Phase 3 (34 days).
John was a member of the 2-person TAG providing high level technical and management advice to AusAID, ACIAR, and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. See: http://www.ausaid.gov.au/countries/eastasia/timor-leste/Documents/sol3-tag2-report.pdf

2011-2012 Indonesia
Evaluation specialist/Team Leader – Cluster evaluation of education programs in Aceh, Papua and Papua Barat (63 days).
John led a team to design and conduct cluster evaluation of education initiatives in 3 special provinces to inform strategic choices related to the Australia Indonesia Education Partnership.

2011 Indonesia
Evaluation specialist/Team Leader – Australia Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (30 days).
Led Indonesian team to conduct mid-term review of the A$65m AIFDR facility. Emphasis was on Australia’s strategic interest in supporting disaster risk reduction in Indonesia. See: http://www.ausaid.gov.au/countries/eastasia/indonesia/Documents/aifdr-ipr-ipm.pdf

2011 Indonesia
Peer review of AIPD Rural design (4 days)
John provided an independent peer review of the design for pro-poor rural development project in eastern Indonesia as part of AusAID Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation. See: http://www.ausaid.gov.au/countries/eastasia/indonesia/Documents/aipd-qae.pdf

2011 Cambodia
Team Leader and design specialist (35 days).
John led a team supporting government agencies to prepare the Cambodia Community Justice Assistance Program. Field work in 6 provinces.

2011 Australia
Review of Australia’s engagement with IFAD (30 days).
John was the Performance Analyst on a 3-person team reviewing organisational and performance changes in the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) since 2004 and options for Australia to re-engage with IFAD.

2011 PNG
Peer review – concept note for PNG Sub-National Strategy (4 days).
John provided strategic review of strategic intent and theory of change for next phase of PNG Sub-National Strategy.

2011 Vietnam
Performance management specialist – Vietnam Climate Change Delivery Strategy (35 days).
John supported AusAID to develop delivery strategy and related performance assessment framework (including evaluability assessment) for A$30m climate change program.

2010-2011 Indonesia
Performance management specialist – Australia Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (65 days).
John supported the AIFDR team and their Indonesian counterparts to prepare and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework for the A$65m facility.

2010-2011 Global
Performance management specialist – ODE Strategic Review of Rural Development (35 days).
John supported ODE to re-write and finalise a strategic review of Australia’s assistance to rural development in 6 countries. See:

2010 Vietnam
Team Leader/Evaluator – ICR for Vietnam Collaboration for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) (27 days).
John led a 3-person team to conduct terminal evaluation of a A$20m AusAID program focused on agricultural research and rural development. Field work in 6 provinces.

2010 China
Economist/Performance Management Specialist – World Bank/GEF Pre-appraisal of Lake Aibi Protection Project (30 days).
John was the agricultural economist and performance management specialist on a World Bank team pre-appraising GEF project to protect Lake Aibi Basin in Xinjiang Province.

2010 PNG
Team Leader/Evaluator – Thematic evaluation of AusAID contribution to PNG research (67 days).
John led three teams to evaluate Australian programs supporting the Institute of Medical Research, National Research Institute and Agricultural Research and Development Support Facility in PNG. Document review, field interviews in 5 provinces, semi-structured interviews and focus groups were conducted between July and October. Lessons learned contributed to a thematic evaluation of the role of research in development and the contribution Australia was making to change resulting from research activities.

2010 Indonesia
Team Leader/Evaluator – Evaluation of eastern Indonesia rural development programs (62 days).
John led a 9-person team to prepare terminal evaluations for Australia Nusa Tenggara Assistance for Regional Autonomy and Smallholder Agriculture Development Initiative. These two AusAID programs worked at District level to address access to markets, agricultural productivity, business environment and access to finance for smallholders and rural enterprises in 4 provinces. Integrated farming systems were a focus as well as value chains for cocoa, coffee, peanuts, maize and cattle. As team leader prepared a strategic review recommending future directions for AusAID investment in rural development/markets for the poor in eastern Indonesia under a decentralisation context. See: http://www.oecd.org/derec/australia/48473790.pdf and http://www.ausaid.gov.au/Publications/Documents/antara-icr.pdf

2010 PNG
M&E Specialist – PNG Sub-National Strategy (85 days).
John led the M&E theme in an 8-person team supporting AusAID to engage with GoPNG and reform the country program to better serve sub-national government needs so that service delivery to local people is improved. Guidance Note developed through this process was informed by extensive consultation with national and provincial governments as well as civil society groups and AusAID sector teams. Particular focus on health and education sectors.

2010 Australia
Performance assessment advisor – AusAID (15 days).
John prepared a Concept Note for Delivery Partner Performance Assessment process to be used by AusAID with core delivery partners including World Bank, Asian Development Bank, NGOs, Whole-of-Government agencies and commercial contractors as well as partner governments.

2010-2013 PNG
Monitoring Specialist – PNG Strongim Gavman Program (25 days/year).
John led a 3-person team to establish and implement semi-annual monitoring of capacity development in 13 national PNG agencies by 10 Australian Government agencies with inputs from > 50 advisers and 120 PNG counterparts. Focus was organisational capacity change plus service delivery against Partnership for Development targets.

2009 PNG
Team Leader/Evaluator – PNG Australia Quarantine Twinning Scheme (26 days).
John led a 4-person team to prepare the ICR for organisational change and twinning scheme. See: http://www.ausaid.gov.au/Publications/Documents/icrpngtwinning-mainreport.pdf

2009 PNG
Monitoring Mentor – PNG Health Education and Clinical Services Program (5 days).
John supported UPNG School of Medicine to strengthen their M&E Framework for HECS and provide mentoring to local professionals in the practical completion and then use of the framework.

2009 Global
Performance Assessment Specialist – Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Strategy (12 days).
John led a two-person team to support AusAID in preparing a performance assessment framework and related tools and guidelines for the new water, sanitation and hygiene strategy. Included liaison with the Indonesia, Vietnam and Solomon Islands country programs.

2009 Vietnam
Performance assessment specialist – CCBP (50 days).
John provided performance assessment support to the Ministry of Planning and Investment Comprehensive Capacity Building for Project Management (CCBP) Program. Led development of a project management manual for Vietnam and trained trainers for national roll-out of project management capacity development for public investment. Supported development of concept note for new monitoring and evaluation program for public investment in Vietnam to be financed by World Bank, AusAID and Japan.

2009 PNG
M&E Specialist – Mid-term review of AusAID Sub-National Strategy (35 days).
John was independent evaluator and M&E specialist on 3-person team conducting the mid-term review of AusAID’s $45m sub-national strategy. Extensive field work in 5 provinces, more than 20 districts and with 9 central agencies. Prepared aide memoire on behalf of team and presented to government and AusAID stakeholders. Collated, analysed and reported quantitative data for leading indicators as well as qualitative data for lagging and leading indicators in this complex institutional reform program throughout PNG. See:

2008 China
Independent Advisor – 7th Supervision Mission, World Bank/DFID (30 days).
John was independent advisor on 7th Supervision Mission of DFID-financed, World Bank-managed, China Watershed Management Project in Gansu Province. Worked with counterparts from Yellow River Conservancy Commission and Ministry of Water Resources to identify lessons learned and national good practices, based on meta-data analysis and field work in 4 sub-watersheds.

2004 – 2008 Vietnam
Team Leader, Vietnam Australia Monitoring and Evaluation Strengthening Project Phase II (VAMESP II), AusAID (4 years long-term, 52 days short-term).
John co-managed a team of 12 long-term and six short-term staff with Ministry of Planning and Investment to design, implement and refine a national M&E system for Official Development Assistance (ODA). Worked with six stakeholder Ministries and seven stakeholder Provinces to trial the system prior to institutionalisation and national roll out. Facilitated 15 pilot evaluations, supported monitoring activities on more than 100 projects, mentored 38 M&E Champions, conducted more than 40 formal M&E training activities. Led a national institutional change process towards performance-based management. Actively involved in the development of Government of Vietnam and donor response to OECD Paris Declaration and implementation of activities to realise commitments made in the related Hanoi Core Statement. Presented outputs to June 2007 meeting of OECD DAC Evaluation Network in Paris. See: http://tddg.mpi.gov.vn and http://www.oecd.org/dac/evaluation/dcdndep/38717773.pdf

2005 Vietnam
Governance and Water Allocation Specialist, Water Allocation Plan for the Hung River Basin, USAID (25 days).
John facilitated Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Department of Water Resources Management, to pilot good practice governance systems for water allocation, water licensing and implementation of river basin plans. USAID funded trials to inform the National Water Resource Management Strategy. Separately, assisted development of monitoring framework for the Hung River Basin water allocation plan.

2003 Tanzania
Team Leader, Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Project, World Bank (30 days)
John led a five person team to conduct PRA with 1,100 participants from 10 villages in Zanzibar and Kilwa District to identify livelihood protection options and design a pilot program for participatory, pro-poor development. This included a monitoring plan and framework for the project. Resulting design was only one selected for Japan Social Development Fund financing in Africa during 2004.

2003 Vietnam
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Quang Ngai Natural Disaster Mitigation Project, AusAID (25 days)
John prepared Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, and conducted capacity building for district and provincial staff and counterparts.

2002 - 2003 Vietnam
Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, Quang Ngai Rural Development Program, AusAID (3 months over 15 months).
John was the Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist preparing M&E Plan for the AusAID-financed RUDEP Program. Introduced participatory techniques, built capacity in their practical use through on-the-job training and supported team and district and provincial staff counterparts to use data to support decision making. Supported village activity groups to plan and conduct ad hoc evaluations to learn lessons to inform subsequent investment and activity decisions.

2002 – 2003 China
PRA and Livelihoods Specialist/Team Leader, World Bank (45 days)
John was a member of the pre-appraisal mission and pilot participatory planning field work with herders in Xinjiang for the Pastoral Development Project. Prepared monitoring framework, training manuals, participatory planning guidelines and practical field aids to support implementation, monitoring and ad hoc evaluation.

2001 – 2003 Australia
Team Leader, Murray-Darling Basin Commission Environmental Certification Trial (5 months)
John facilitated a multi-disciplinary team of 6 professionals to develop and trial Environmental Auditing and Certification Systems for irrigation industries in 3 states. In role as Team Leader, developed rapid assessment tool for monitoring salinity impacts of interstate water trade. Also, identified scenarios for irrigation sustainability to 2050. Coordinated expert panel, built scenarios and developed recommendations for Ministerial Council.

2000 – 2003 Armenia
Natural Resource Livelihoods Specialist, World Bank (120 days in 8 missions).
John facilitated the design and pre-appraisal missions for the Armenia Natural Resource Management and Poverty Reduction Project, and then monitoring advisor on subsequent supervision missions. Worked with local contractors and Marz staff to complete participatory micro-catchment plans with communities participating in the first 2 year activities, and use monitoring framework to track progress against plan.

2000 – 2002 South Africa
Resource Economist, Participatory Water Resource Management Project, Water Research Commission (45 days).
John was part of a three member, multi-disciplinary team preparing guidelines for Participatory Water Resource Management under the National Water Law for the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry and the South African Water Research Commission. Output included monitoring and evaluation frameworks for water resource management. See: South African Water research Commisssion.
2002 Global
Policy Adviser to UNDP/UNEP/CCD Secretariat (2 months).
John developed a policy paper on the UN approach to land degradation and support for Convention on Combating Desertification for discussion at GEF Assembly and subsequent UN policy-setting forums. Extensive negotiations with stakeholders around the world including all OECD bilateral donors, UNDP & EC.

2000 – 2002 Samoa, Romania, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Team Member, Global Environment Facility OPS2, GEF Council (115 days).
John was a member of an 8-person team engaged by GEF Council to conduct Second Overall Performance Study (OPS2) after 10 years of GEF activity. Developed and implemented evaluation methodology for Land Degradation and International Waters programs at national, regional and project scales. Field evaluations of 45 projects in 6 countries. Desk reviews of 110 project completion reports. Worked with M&E teams in UNDP, UNEP, World Bank (OED) and OECD (DAC). Introduced GAS to measure changes in stakeholder perceptions of global environmental issues. Evaluated projects in 6 countries (Pacific, Europe, Africa).

1999 – 2000 Australia
Resource Economist National Land and Water Audit (4 months).
John was a member of the CSIRO/URS Team conducting socio-economic research components (Theme 6) for the National Land and Water Audit. Conducted participatory evaluations of investments in 6 river basins for Mid-Term Review of the Natural Heritage Trust, which led to strategic shift in Commonwealth support to focus on public goods only.

1999 South Africa
Catchment Management Specialist, Kat River Valley Project (3 months).
John worked with Rhodes University to support local water users and catchment communities to negotiate one of the first Water Users Associations and Catchment Forums under the new National Water Act. A case study for the change management process being facilitated by the team in Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.

1997 – 2004 Australia
Chair, Water Resources Council in South Australia (3 days/month)
John led the peak policy and institutional body responsible for advising cabinet on water resource management and implementation of the Water Resources Act (SA, 1997) since the inception of the Council.

1995 – 1998 Australia
Forest resource institutions specialist/Resource Economist (15 months).
John led several policy reviews and programming initiatives for Commonwealth agencies leading to new Australian plantation timber policies.

1995 – 1998 China
Agroforestry Specialist, Hebei Watershed Management and Livestock Production Project, AusAID (4 months over 3 years).
John provided a series of short-term inputs to support participatory planning at catchment scale through community capacity building and on-the-job training and institutional strengthening for several County bureaux. Facilitated systematic monitoring activities and one mid-term evaluation with Agriculture Bureau staff.

1994 – 1997 Australia
Social investment and community relations adviser, Rio Tinto (6 months).
John provided policy and programmatic advice to Rio Tinto for social investment and community engagement with Aboriginal stakeholders in the Pilbara and Carpentaria regions. Designed and facilitated implementation and monitoring of programs for community stakeholders with 5 mines. Led first evaluation of activities and used findings to inform corporate sustainability index developed in London.

1993 Turkey
Resource Economist, National Livestock Strategy (3 months).
John was part of the GTZ team that worked with Ministry of Agriculture to prepare livestock strategy for Turkey, focusing especially on strategies for extensive grazing systems.

1991 – 1993 Turkey
Agriculturalist and Natural Resource Specialist, Eastern and South Eastern Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project, World Bank (9 months).
John led the design team with responsibility for design, field testing and practical handover to local teams for community participation strategy, monitoring framework and collected baseline data for $180 million World Bank financed project over 7 years.

1990 Mauritania, Senegal
Natural Resource Scientist, Upper Senegal Valley Master Plan, USAID (4 months)
John was a member of a team collecting meta-data and conducting PRA to support regional governments to develop master plan for management of Senegal River.

1980 – 1989 Global
Natural Resource Scientist – various roles
John had 4 years resident in Middle East (mostly northern Iraq) from 1980 where he designed and implemented community projects and worked with those communities to install micro-irrigation systems for community and commercial orchards in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait. Short-term consultancies for UNDP (Sudan, Pakistan), World Bank (Yemen, Ethiopia), AusAID (northern Thailand) and private sector with common thread sustainable management of water and land resources to support small and medium scale enterprises.