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John Fargher

John Fargher is a performance management specialist with more than 20 years senior management experience in public and private companies as well as 31 years international experience in human and economic development in more than 80 countries. His career has focussed on the management and governance of implementation for economic development and sustainable livelihoods programs at project, program, national and regional scales. He works extensively with the private sector, bilateral development agencies and multilateral financing institutions. John has graduate qualifications in agricultural science and post graduate qualifications in economics, management and evaluation. He is a member of the American Evaluation Association and the Australasian Evaluation Society.

As a performance management specialist John has designed, implemented and reviewed monitoring and evaluation systems at national, sectoral, program and project scales for donors and governments. His current work for the Australian government includes providing performance management services to Australian Aid in the Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific Regional and Vanuatu programs. In the past 4 years he has led 17 independent evaluations for investments exceeding $400 million in the Caribbean, Indonesia, Latin America, PNG and Vietnam. In the same time, John has led or contributed to designs for more than $350 million of new initiatives in East Africa, West Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

For further information please view John's CV.

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Nicole Motteux

Dr Nicole Motteux is a community participation and environment management specialist who has a PhD and 15 years international experience in integrated water resource management from national policy and regional basin management to community development and participatory natural resource planning. Nicole demonstrated that she is able to adapt her skills to varying tasks and sectors, including natural disaster mitigation and preparation, WATSAN, Avian Influenza, clean air, sustainable tourism, hazardous waste and water resource management. Nicole’s work has involves developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programs that have required coordination, negotiation and communication skills, including project management. Nicole works across disciplines and brings diverse groups together to negotiate and resolve conflicts as well as to reach consensus on solutions and their practical implementation. Her skills lie in capacity building and creating opportunities for poor persons, including women and children, to shape their lives and participate in project activities.

For further information please view Nicole's CV.

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Keith Tuckwell

Keith Tuckwell has over 20 years of management experience in the development sector. He has managed international development organisations and large, complex international donor programs. He is also a proven development practitioner who has delivered performance management support and technical assistance around the world.

As a performance management specialist Keith has delivered: program reviews; design missions; monitoring and evaluation assessments; technical advisory group inputs; independent review mechanism inputs; independent completion reports; organisational development plans and activities; and comprehensive reviews of grant funding mechanisms.

For further information please view Keith's CV.

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Michelle Cocks

M. L. (Michelle) Cocks is Senior researcher at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at Rhodes University. Her key areas of research interests include, natural resource use and the contribution of natural resources to rural livelihoods with a particularly emphasis on the medicinal plant trade. The aim of her PhD research was to contribute towards a better understanding of the concept of biocultural diversity under non-traditional conditions. The study assesses the cultural and utilitarian value of wild plants amongst different categories of non-traditional community households in both peri-urban and urban contexts of South Africa, and evaluates factors which contribute to the persistence use of biodiversity for cultural purposes. Her current research and educational interest extend to environmental narratives and indigenous knowledge and the incorporation of these into nature resource management and conservation and the promotion of indigenous knowledge systems.

Together with her colleague, Tony Dold, in 2009 they initiated their Inkcubeko nendalo - Bio-cultural Diversity Education Program which aims to raise awareness around the close link between cultural diversity and biodiversity amongst school learners as the future preservation of both our cultural heritage (inkcubeko) and bio-diversity (indalo) relies on young people recognizing the importance and value of nature in its broadest sense.

In 2009 Dr Cocks was nominated for Women in Science Award and was a joint winner in the category Achiever Award for a Woman Researcher in the Area of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Local Innovation.

For further information please view Michelle's CV.

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Helene Cunat

Hélène Cunat is a community development and humanitarian aid practitioner with 15 years of international experience in various program and project management positions for international and non-government agencies in countries across Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Her working experience has focussed on HIV AIDS, maternal and child health, health and human rights, sexual and reproductive health, food security, livelihoods and emergency relief from national policy to community development level. Helene has postgraduate qualifications in Economics and in Public Health. As a community health and humanitarian specialist, she has designed, planned, implemented, monitored and evaluated programs from national to community level. Helene has developed and managed strategic partnerships with international organizations, civil society organizations and national and provincial government bodies in complex and challenging settings. Within these partnerships, she has worked extensively in developing civil society organizations’ technical and organizational capacities as well as in community participatory and empowerment approaches involving communities in the design, implementation and monitoring of project activities. Helene has a longstanding experience in donor relations with governments, international financing institutions, private firms and foundations and in fund raising, grants management and compliance.

For further information please view Helene's CV.

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Sam Fargher

Sam Fargher is an economist and an environmental and natural resource policy analyst. He has delivered projects and programs across a range of environmental and natural resource management areas at all levels of the government and private sector. These have included value chain analysis for state governments, water policy reviews for the UNEP, and a range of consulting ventures. Sam has also had experience in developing strategic policy and providing policy advice on environmental and natural resource issues.

Sam’s skills lie in his ability to provide practical advice that draws from the critical analysis of complex problems. This includes developing core solutions and providing high quality outcomes. Sam has completed a graduate qualification in land and water management and a post graduate degree in public policy economics.
Most recently Sam has worked on a range of consulting projects. These have included a review of the structural adjustment processes engaged by Australian governments and a value chain analysis of consumption in Fiji.

For further information please view Sam's CV.

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Keith Halden

Dr. Keith Halden is an award winning broadcaster, journalist and new-media producer with recent experience in NGO consultancy, public sector communications, PR and website management.

He is currently working on a part-time ongoing basis as a media advisor to the $100m Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen project in Papua New Guinea. Previous clients include The BBC, UK National Health Service, Health Victoria and the Conservation Council of South Australia.

For further information, including a photographic portfolio and an extensive archive of Keith's TV, Web and Radio productions please visit www.kh1.me or you can download his CV here.