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Keith Tuckwell

Professional Development Profile:
• International Development Practitioner (20 years)
• International Development Program & Contract Management (8 years)
• Country Director International Organisations (8 years)
• Performance Management for Development Results
• Independent Review Mechanisms
• Technical Advisory Groups
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Program Review and Design
• Organisational Development
• Grant Mechanisms (managed >$150million through grant programs)
Keith Tuckwell has over 20 years of management experience in the development sector. He has managed international development organisations and large, complex international donor programs. He is also a proven development practitioner who has delivered performance management support and technical assistance around the world.

As a performance management specialist Keith has delivered: program reviews; design missions; monitoring and evaluation assessments; technical advisory group inputs; independent review mechanism inputs; independent completion reports; organisational development plans and activities; and comprehensive reviews of grant funding mechanisms. Keith holds a BA in Accounting and Finance and a Graduate Certificate in Marine Resource Management. He is a Professional Member of the American Evaluation Association, the Australasian Evaluation Society and the Australian Institute of Project Management.

For further information please view Keith's CV.

or contact Keith on: E: tuckwellkeith@gmail.com | T: +61-2-62577023 | C: +61-400-719-148 | S: keith.tuckwell